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Property Developer's Office

New Tungsten furniture in grey laminate with silver frame with 10 year manufacturers warranty for heavy duty use.... more »

Aerospace Engineers' Office

Using Tungsten-10 ultra-heavy duty desking and furniture with a 10 year manufacrturers warranty.Available in 12 colours with a choice of silver or gra... more »

Architectural General Office

This office was installed over 5 years ago using Tungsten-10 heavy duty desking with a 10 years manufacturers warranty. It looks as good today as it d... more »

Design Studio Office

Fashion designers studio and office with Contract desking range and quadrant ends for by-desk storage.... more »

HQ General Office

Qore desking with tailor made personal storage units by the side of each desks.Team seating with silver bases to match silver framework on desks.... more »

Insurance General Office

Maple desking with contrasting graphite colour frames.... more »

Software Developer's Office

General office based on workstation desks.... more »

Medical Provider General Office

Beam desks for an open plan aspect.... more »


In this scheme, we have combined dark walnut desks with silver frames and black fabric chairs. The combination works particularly well, and creates a ... more »

Accountancy General Office

COntract desking with bright blue seating and screens in an open plan environment.... more »

Insurance General Office

Workstation configurastion desks with high level desk-mounted screens.... more »

Corporate Solicitors Departmental Office

Solicitors office with central storage spine along length of general office. maple desks, graphite frames, and forest green seating and screens for a ... more »

Office Workstations

Our Contract Office workstations offer outstanding vlaue for money; made in the UK, choice of 12 colours, black or silver frame, 3 x cableports, metal... more »

Design Studio Office

Maple furniture with matching bespoke maple storage throughout for a consistent and relaxed environment.... more »

Product Ranges

2D and 3D planning